My heart has always been to tell the story of my brother, Bobby, so that people could see what life is truly like for someone like him. In a culture that has historically valued strength over weakness, intellect over character, and accomplishment over a simpler life, a segment of our population is systemically and repeatedly marginalized—unseen and unheard. When someone has physical disabilities that are invisible and intellectual limitations that aren’t always obvious, life is challenging in ways that most of us don’t understand. Chasing the Merry-Go-Round is about what life is like in a world where you can't keep up.

I love to share my writing and connect with people I haven't met. Here are a few other things I've written about...

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Witness. Writer. Voice.​​

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I was born and raised between two small towns in Central New York, the middle child of five, with a brother and sister older and a brother and sister younger than me.  While this may not seem important to you, it seems to have shaped my personality and life (and writing) in ways I am still trying to understand.

I had this thing about financial security—I needed it. I earned a very practical B.S. in Accounting and became a C.P.A. While I have enjoyed more than 25 years of a successful career in business, the urgency to
write could not be denied any longer.

I began to study at the Downtown Writers Center in Syracuse, NY and graduated from their Creative Writing PRO program. My nonfiction has appeared in literary journals and anthologies such as Mom Egg Review, The Mountain, The Sun, The Guilded Pen 
and I have contributed articles to The Post Standard. My work has won Third Prize and Honorable Mentions in the Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition, as well as Third Prize in the Fiction500 contest.​

I’m passionate about serving my global and local communities and volunteer with organizations that serve those in our world who need a little extra help to keep up with this fast-paced system we’ve created. How we care for those who need help has an everlasting impact. I believe that if the basic needs of a person’s spirit, soul and body are met, it allows them the ability to keep their own corner of the world—their home—safe and prosperous for them and their family. This is all there is.  

While I've spent some years exploring in Boston and San Diego, I am back in Syracuse, NY, where I've spent most of my life—still the middle child of an ever-expanding family of parents, brothers, sisters, their partners and offspring—where I continue to write about the things that move me,
with the hope they move you too.​